The Project: Inside Corporate Location Decisions

“The Project: Inside Corporate Location Decisions” looks at a new company every two weeks and shares the “behind the scenes” story of their relocation or expansion. Using an NPR-like format, co-hosts Andy Levine and Patience Fairbrother from Development Counsellors International (DCI) interview both company and community officials to detail the intense competition for jobs and capital investment.
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The Project: Inside Corporate Location Decisions


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Dec 12, 2016

Charles Schwab recently announced plans to build a $100 million campus that would initially house 1,200 staffers in Westlake, Texas, a growing suburb of Dallas. Understanding where the right financial services talent “is going to be” in the next 20 years was the key to selecting a location in the Dallas region.

To get the inside story we decided to “Talk to Chuck” – or in this case Chuck’s Senior Vice President of Corporate Real Estate Glenn Cooper. We also interview Larry Gigerich, Managing Director of Ginovus (a site selection firm engaged by the company) and the Honorable Laura Wheat, Mayor of Westlake, Texas.

Dec 2, 2016

It started with a Thanksgiving Day Tweet from Donald Trump: “I am working hard, even on Thanksgiving, trying to get Carrier to stay in the U.S. MAKING PROGRESS - Will know soon!”

On December 1st, just a week later, President-Elect Trump, Vice-President-Elect Pence and Greg Hayes, President of Carrier Corp’s parent company, stood on-stage together and announced that 1,000 jobs would stay in the United States and not relocate to Mexico. It was an extraordinary reversal and Carrier’s local workforce couldn’t have been happier.  

So on the day of the announcement, we set-up a conference call with two highly-respected site selection consultants to get their take on this decision. You’ll hear from Larry Gigerich, Managing Director of Ginovus and Michelle Comerford, Industrial & Supply Chain Manager with Biggins Lacy Shapiro, another highly respected site consulting firm. Both firms are members of the Site Selectors Guild.